Mara Siana Conservancy

Mara Siana Conservancy (MSC) is a nascent community conservancy adjacent to Maasai Mara National Reserve (MMNR) in the southern part of Kenya. The landowners of the conservancy are represented by the Landowners Association that champion for their rights and manage conflicts. Operationalization of the Mara Siana conservancy began in 2015, after 1,200 landowners of the sub-divided Siana Group Ranch decided to set aside 6.5 acres each to establish the conservancy. This community decided to jointly form a conservancy so as to benefit from tourism and have guaranteed pasture for their livestock.

They also sought inclusivity in the management of the conservancy to guarantee equitable benefit sharing. Mara Siana Management Company over sees the management of the conservancy. The management company’s secretariat has staff mainly drawn from the local community for the daily running of the conservancy. The Mara Siana Conservancy has adopted an all-inclusive approach in the management and control of the conservancy. The secretariat comprises conservancy manager, administration and finance officer, two community liaison officers and 15 community scouts, along with a conservancy driver.